A Mission In Our Own Backyard

Our Purpose

Who We Are

You Can Discover Change (YCDC) is a is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that exists to women who are incarcerated whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally. We aspire to restore dignity that the criminal justice system has removed, believing that God offers redemption and renewed purpose to everyone.

We are a faith-based organization who provides and collaborates with other local programs for services and resources for our women. By networking with our community we are able to provide support and resources to our ladies and their families. We offer services and support they need to move toward stability and self-sufficiency. Currently, we refer to a range of services that include housing assistance, employment counseling, transportation, leasing program, continuing education, drug and alcohol treatment and counseling.

— Our Mission

The purpose of You Can Discover Change is to teach Life Skills to those incarcerated physically and/or spiritually. We want every woman to develop Christian principles in their social, economic and spiritual lives and become productive members of society.

— Our Board

We are a strong  board of caring, Christian women from various backgrounds that work together in mentoring to our ladies. We absolutely love seeing women set free from chains of bondage and thriving in the Lords plans for them.

— Our Story

Our ministry is You Can Discover Change. We believe it is our purpose in life to help our women. Our letters "YCDC", are the same as our local jail- York County Detention Center. The name of was chosen by the ladies we ministered with at YCDC. Because when they look at the letters YCDC on their jumpsuit, we want them to think You Can Discover Change! Its why we are mentor because we want them set free to flourish in Gods plan for them.